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Every year, on Good Friday, the St James Youth Group (formally Oakville Catholic Youth Org (OCYO)), will be hosting a Good Friday 'Way of the Cross' Walk, which starts at 9:00am from St Andrew's Roman Catholic Church and ends at around 2:45pm at St Dominic's Roman Catholic Church. Hot Soup, bread and refreshments will be served at around noon at St James Roman Catholic Church and refreshments will be served at St Dominic's Roman Catholic Church at around 2:30pm. Please bring your family and friends.
You do not have to walk with us all the way (8 kilometers). You can join us between each stations, or at each station or at some of the stations. But what better way to enjoy the outdoors and pray at the same time. Here is a map of the route which may change slightly.
Details of these stations to follow. We will have a vehicle on standby should you need to rest. St. John Ambulance will also follow us on this trip.
On this Good Friday, as we listen to the reflections on the various Stations of the Cross, may we each feel how the message applies to our own life and know that Jesus is right beside us when we ask him for help. We ask you all to join us on this walk with Jesus to Calvary.
The journey may be long and tedious but our faith and participation is a rewarding one.
Everyone is welcome, but dress appropriately for the weather
conditions on that day.
When you arrive at St Dominics, please park your vehicle at the back of the church by the school (St Dominic's Elementary Catholic School). Volunteers will be there to assist you.
We will have two limousines ready to transport you to St Andrews Roman Catholic Church. Please note that the limousine service will be available to you between 7:45 am and 9:00am. If they are not there, it is only because they are providing shuttle service to other patrons.

7:45am to 9:00am - Shuttle Service
9:00am - St Andrew's Catholic Church Service will begin with prayer and the blessing of the Holy Cross.
The St James Youth Group will carry the cross and role play the
event with Jesus, Mary and Joseph, soldiers.
Anyone wishing to carry the cross along the route are more than
welcome to do so. We will make stops at the various churches, known landmarks and parishes along Lakeshore Road and Rebecca Road.
At each stop, we will reflect on each stations of the cross.
12:00 noon - We will be serving a light lunch at St James Roman
Catholic Church around noon.
Our light lunch consist of vegetable soup, bread and water.
The event ends at St Dominic's Roman Catholic Church around 2:45pm.
There will be some light refreshments offered here and there is Good Friday service at this Parish, which will begin at 3:00pm.
Please dress appropriately for the weather on this day.
Please help support this event by joining us on this walk and in prayer. In doing so, we strengthen our faith and our community.
We hope that you and your family and friends will join us in this event.
As Always,
God Bless You all for your support
James Mendez & Jonathan Banzuela
Knights of Columbus Council 3881
St James Parish Youth Group



Oakville Catholic Youth Organization


14 Stations of the Cross - places that we stop and pray:


St Jude's Church
Tannery Park
Oakview Home
St Jude's Cemetery
Central Baptist
St James Church
St Paul's United
Fourth Line Park
Blakelock High
St Hilda's Church
Evangel Pentacost
Northside Trail
St Dominic's Church